Hi all,

I'm new to latex. I just installed the protext package on windows and
tried to compile a .tex file (along with other needed files) which are
copied from others and known to work. But I got the error message:

"Running makemf...
makemf: The ptmb source file could not be found.
Running hbf2gf...

hbf2gf <CJK ver. 4.6.0>

Couldn't find 'pt.cfg'
maketfm: No creation rule for font ptmb.
! Font \secfnt=ptmb at 12.0pt not leadable: Metric <TFM> file not found.
<to be read again>
1.294   \newfont{\secfnd}{ptmb at 12pt}


Any suggestions on solving this problem?

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