James J. Ramsey wrote:

>> so could you describe a little bit more precisely,
>> how you've started
>> the installation? Under normal circumstances,
>> - you'll download the selfextracting *.exe, and
>> extract the content by
>> double-clicking on that file, 
> This is as far as I got. When I double-clicked the
> self-extracting *.exe, I got a dialog in German. I did
> not try to complete the extraction.

Well, i didn't noticed that the extracting-dialog remains in german,
even on non-german PCs, but i will check this (Sorry Karl, this means in
the worst case we'll have to replace the *.exe another time).

After having done the extraction (by clicking on 'Weiter'), you should
easily find the Setup.exe which will start with an english interface.

Sorry for this - Thomas

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