hello,... I am not able to embed a picture in my latex file (even though the
file is of eps format).I am attaching the screen shots so that it might be
of help by the way the path is correct and theres absolutely no problem with
the encapsulated picture file(i mean i get no error when i open it with GS
view).This is not a bug i believe! I have attached the snapshots of my
here <http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l310/kewaldeshpande/untitled.jpg>
and one more 
plz help... I have to admit that i am a novice to this protext world
Kewal. Deshpande

ok I think i have found out the problem,... its because i dont have the
graphicx package can anybody tell me how to install the graphicx package in
windows since its in *.tar.bz2 format the miktex package repository is not
able to identify the file,...

Kewal. Deshpande
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