Hi Virgil,

Virgil Stokes schrieb:
> I have recently installed protext and it seems to be working quite good 
> --- great software.

Thanks :)

> However, I have already ran into a problem. One of the files 
> (powerdot.cls) in one of the packages (powerdot.cab) needs to be 
> updated. How can I update this file in the powerdot.cab file (package)?

hmm, for me its not quite clear, for what you are trying this. I.e.:

- In case you need a more recent version of powerdot, you should first 
have a look inside MiKTeX's update manager, if there isn't one already 

- If this fails at last you could download the package from the next 
CTAN-Mirror and replace the default one installed by MiKTeX.

- If you really need to update the cab-archive, i'm afraid you'll have 
to grapple with MiKTeX's packaging guide. Perhaps 
http://docs.miktex.org/packaging/ is a good entry for doing this.

Hope this might help ;-) Thomas

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