Dear Protext,


I have recently downloaded your pdf entitled 'The quickest way to a Tex
system.' I am eager to learn to produce mathematical documents for my


I have followed the installation instructions to the letter. I have used the
wizard in TexnicCenter to configure it to be used with Miktex.

I have used copy and paste to produce my first document and have followed
instructions to compile the document to produce my first pdf document.

Please accept that all settings are exact to your recommendations (these
have been checked and double checked).

After the compile (Ctrl+F7) it returns 2 errors - (1) 'I cannot find
'hello.tex' and 'Emergency stop'

I have tried and tried to find where my problem lies in order to start using
this application in earnest but can't find why I cannot get it to work. I am
using a laptop with Windows XP. Please help - I am looking forward to using
this excellent package.


Best regards,


K Caley.


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