Hi all,

I Installed miktex 2.8 (and 2.7 other PC) and wanted to try WinEdt with it. The 
diagnosis told me, what you read below

So I am missing texmf and Tex-Bin??? Nevertheless TexNicCenter and Winedt are 
compiling my files correctly. What is wrong with my installation of miktex?

thx in advance


Summary :-(


There are some problems with your TeX installation. Depending on your intended 
use of WinEdt and TeX you may have to install additional software, or missing 
TeX Components...

... (snipped) ...

Searching for Executables:


WinEdt will try to locate external executables based on the information stored 
in the variables that were imported from Windows Registry in its Startup Macro. 
If some components are not found follow the instructions. Some applications 
such as, for example, TtH or HHC are optional; you can ignore any messages 
about the "missing" accessories that you are not intending to use...


TeX-Root: not Found


TeX-Bin: not Found


LaTeX-Help Folder: not Found


... (snipped) ...

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