Anyone who can help me with the following?

I dowbloaded the ProTeXt.exe without problem. I then tried to install/unpack
the full works (starting with MikTex) directly clicking the links provided
in Thomas Feuerstanck's protext-install-en.pdf PDF document that comes with
the package.

My problem is that whichever of the links in this PDF I click, e.g. "Clear
here to install MikTeX" or "Click here to remove...", I get the following
system error message:

*"This file is set to be launched by this PDF file. This is currently
disallowed by your system administrator. File: setup-2.8.3541.exe"*

The issue is that I've recently had to re-image my Windows XP laptop. This
has resulted in having to re-install LaTeX, now as ProText.

I am my own system administrator, but I don't know enough about Windows (XP)
on how to alleviate this problem.

Anyone who can help me with this? Much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,


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