Am 10.04.2016 um 00:46 schrieb George Stewart:
I  just installed MikTeX v. 2.9


I have used MFTI 0.60 with older versions of MikTeX with no problem..

hmm, up to now i never heard from MFTI and also Google didn't found any concerning results. Therefore i'm quit unsure if i can really help you with your problem, but...

MikTeX 2.9 did away with localtexmf and texmf directories. I tried to
figure what to use for MikTeX base directory and MikTex local directory.

... you're right that MiKTeX stopped the direct support of the localtexmf-directory. But its still rather easy to reconstruct. For example, just create a directory c:\localtexmf on your system and copy any data structure you need inside of it (like you are used from former MiKTeX-versions).

Open 'MiKTeX 2.9' -> 'Maintenance' -> 'MiKTeX Settings' and add the new localtexmf-directory via the 'Roots'-tab.

I would appreciate your suggestions!

hmm, if your original problem is to use TrueType-Fonts with TeX (regardless if you mean La- or PlainTeX), you should consider to use XeTeX as alternative.

While XeTeX has the ability to use Open-/TrueType-Fonts systemwide installed, it might be easier to use, compared to these ttf2afm-converters.

Good luck - Thomas


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