On 04/08/10 01:00, Eric Niebler wrote:
Most folks here don't know this, but the version of Proto y'all are
using is actually v4. (Three times the charm wasn't true for Proto.)
Anyway, there are so many goodies coming in Boost 1.44 that think of it
as Proto v4.1.

I just posted the release notes for this version to give you guys an
heads-up of the coming changes. There are a few very small breaking
changes that you should take careful note of.

Most of the interesting stuff is in the new features: sub-domains and
per-domain control of as_expr and as_child. Have a look. Let me know if
you have any questions:

   Boost 1.44 release notes:

FYI, most of these changes were motivated by the Phoenix3 work. That
sure is one demanding DSEL.

Would you like me to write some lines on my compile-time performance and figures to include somewhere in the doc.
I remember you wanted to do that at some point.

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