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Like "visitor", "actor" comes with lots of baggage that we don't want:


Besides, as these things define algorithms, a name that's a verb would
be better (std::transform, std::accumulate, etc. are verbs).

That's a totally different synonym. The actor that I meant is
connected to the meaning of "semantic action" and you are using
action/actions anyway (as well as grammars and rules). It's the
same domain.

Oh. I didn't make the connection between "actor" and "semantic action".
For me, "actor" is so strongly evocative of concurrent programming that
I can't read it any other way.

It's the name we use in Spirit for objects that dispatch semantic
actions. What does an actor do: it executes an action for a
particular sub-rule (node).

How about "evaluate":

    proto::evaluate<char_terminal, my_actions>()(a);

Hmmm... :P

You're not loving that, either, are you? evaluate_with? with_actions?
<shrug>    They're all terrible. I won't bother the list any more with
naming issues. Thanks to everybody who contributed ideas to the design
of the-yet-to-be-named-thingie. Especial Thomas.

evaluate or eval in short is ok. I don't dislike it but
it's not at the top of my list.

Ditto, that's it for me. naming is only productive until a
specific point. After that, it becomes a bike-shed issue.
Any name from our list will do just fine. What's important is
that you've done an amazing work under the hood. So, kudos
to you and Thomas! hats off, sirs!

Thank you very much! So, we are good to changing the internals of
phoenix3 to use this extension mechanism?
Regarding naming ....
I like renaming phoenix::actor to phoenix::lambda. But what about the existing
  phoenix::lambda? Rename it to protect (from Boost.Lambda)?

Hmm. That, I object to. Perhaps I misunderstood. Let's not gratuitously
break backwards compatibility.

Joel de Guzman

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