Kenton Varda wrote:
> Feel free to use the above code (note: hasn't been compiled or 
> tested).  I guess the question is whether or not this needs to be in 
> libprotobuf itself.

I am in favor of putting some kind of delimited message format into the 
API, this is the requested feature.  This will keep people from being 
too creative and reinventing incompatible solutions to have delimited 
messages.  Such as the suggestions in this thread.

The LengthDelimited functions are the most obvious: all possible 
implementation of messages must already have the functionality 
internally (as your code shows).  So a few lines of code in the API (not 
the generated code files) takes care of this feature request.  I have 
not checked if the existing API for all languages exposes enough to 
write the equivalent of the few lines of code you showed for C++. 

The most obvious use to me is reading from a continous (e.g. network) 
stream of bytes.  The outermost message needs to be delimited somehow, 
currently by the application inventing more protocol rules.


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