(Note: I'm definitely not speaking for Google in this post! Just my
own personal opinions.)

On Sep 25, 10:33 am, "Ande Turner" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A majority of people are using GPLv3 for newer projects.

For the whole of open source? That sounds unlikely to me. When picking
between different versions of the GPL it sounds more reasonable, but
there's a lot of non-GPL open source software as well.

> Those with GPLv2 can switch to GPLv3 easily in most cases.
> IF it was left as Apache it is GPLv3 compatible anyways.
> Why did you decide against GPLv3?

GPL is much more restrictive than Apache or BSD - I for one would far
rather work on code which could be easily used in commercial products
without forcing the user to open source their code.


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