I'm in the process of evaluating PB for a distributed cross language
project I'm on. I've created a little 'hello world' app to test it's
capabilities. I have created 2 simple .proto files,
RequestHeader.proto and Rerender.proto. They compile and run as
expected. However, if I import RequestHeader into Rerender with the
following line:

import "RequestHeader.proto";

I get the following compile error:

Error C2039: 'protobuf_BuildDesc_RequestHeader_2eproto' : is not a
member of '`global namespace''

The method protobuf_BuildDesc_RequestHeader_2eproto() doesn't exist
anywhere in the code except where it errors out. Below is the
offending method in Rerender.pb.cc that contains the error:

  static bool already_here = false;
  if (already_here) return;
  already_here = true;
  ::google::protobuf::DescriptorPool* pool =

  ::protobuf_BuildDesc_RequestHeader_2eproto(); // <-- ERROR
    "\n;e:/Vital 3.0/CPPProtobufTest/CPPProtob"
    "to\"\030\n\010Rerender\022\014\n\004Data\030\001 \002(\t", 108,

I would assume that the ability to import one proto file into another
is something that is exercised quite often, so I'm at a loss as to why
the resulting code from protoc won't compile. I'm using protobuf 2.0.2
built from source using VS 2008.

Any assistance on how to get this working would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.
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