We added "package tex;" and got the same results. We'll take a better
look at the unit tests next. FYI -- I did notice there are no proto
files in the *.Test directories I downloaded with git.


On Oct 28, 4:11 am, Jon Skeet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Oct 28, 12:04 am, honce <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > We are looking at the dotnet-protobufs for a new and are unable to
> > build the generated C# code. I downloaded the latest code out of git
> > and have been successful in building a C# file.
> > We have been running:
> > protoc -operson.bin person.proto
> > protogen person.bin
> > We add person.cs to our solution and rebuild with VS2008sp1 targeted
> > for .Net 3.5sp1 on WinXP sp3. We then get the following error:
> > Person.cs(7,29): error CS0441: 'Person': a class cannot be both static
> > and sealed
> Odd. It certainly sounds like a straight bug, but I'm amazed that I
> haven't seen it elsewhere.
> Do you not specify a package or namespace anywhere? That may be
> relevant (although it's still a bug in protogen, of course).
> Look at the unit tests for examples of how to specify things - I'm
> hoping to make it simpler in terms of the csharp_options.proto and
> descriptor.proto dependencies over time.
> Jon
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