I'm trying to design a RESTful API using protocol buffers, which
involves complicated searches with a lot of inputs.

Searches, to me, should genereally be a GET.  We're not updating
anything, we're just running a query, basically.  Now, simple searches
are easily represented as a simple URL:  myapp.com/employees/12345
returns the record for employee #12345, right?  But in my case there
are a LOT of search parameters and filters specified, etc.., and its
not very applicable to a URL.  But its still just a query.

Using protocol buffers, we have a search-request message that
encapsulates all the inputs.  I'd like to send that in lieu of the
hairy URL, but GET doesn't (formally) support a request payload...

I'm tempted to just use a POST, because its easy to send the request
in the HTTP message body.  But technically, I think this violates
RESTful principals.  I wonder if there are any recommendations that
would allow me to be a purist?? :)

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