I would like to propose an enhancement to the java options for protoc.
This enhancement would allow one to specify the java interface which
the generated proto object will implement.

It would be very beneficial to be able to have the protoc generate
code that would be implementing some signature interfaces in the Java

Unlike Python or Ruby, where if the method exists on an object, you
can call it, in Java the methods must be declared on the classes, so
it makes it difficult to write methods that could take multiple types
of objects which are of Protocol Buffers type without being able to
mark them with an Interface. Just knowing that the object is of type
"Message" is not sufficient.

Imagine you have an interface Name defining a method getName().
Then I can have a bunch of protos defining various kinds of "names",
like Person,
City, Country, etc.  All of those objects have a "name" field, and
thus the getName()
method.  By marking them all with a 'Name' interface, I can then have
my business
logic code accept objects of 'Name' type as method arguments and be
guaranteed that
there is a "getName()" method on them.

The problem with doing it the "reflection" route is that it does not
guarantee me a
compile-time checking and is not as clean and java-esque.

The proposed syntax would be:
message Person
  java_implement_interface = com.domain.Name;
  required string name;
  required int32 age;

Please post your thoughts, comments & objections... :)

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