On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 8:32 PM, Dave Bailey <d...@daveb.net> wrote:

> I agree, and it seems to be a question that comes up frequently in
> this forum, so maybe we should add a page to the Wiki that discusses
> how to send and receive a stream of protobuf (or any) messages.

I did add some documentation on that here:

> Things like run length encoding, magic bytes, checksums, record types
> - these are either highly desirable or absolutely necessary when
> streaming blocks of opaque binary data over a network connection,
> reading a sequence of them from a file, or whatever.  I think there
> may be a misconception out there that libprotobuf somehow magically
> takes care of all those things.  It seems to me that people need to
> conceive of a serialized protobuf object as the payload to a packet,
> and it is their job to design a packet header that describes the
> payload with sufficient information such that it can be extracted and
> dispatched to the appropriate handler.

Well said.

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