On Mar 5, 11:47 am, ijuma <isma...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I haven't optimised with a profiler very recently - I suspect there
> > are some improvements which could be made by skipping the null
> > handling when merging/parsing (as it should be unnecessary). I didn't
> > use any particular options when running the Java version (1.6.0_11-
> > b03) so I'm sure there are tweaks to be made there too.
> Before any other settings are tried, it would be worth benchmarking it
> with -server as it can make a large difference when compared to -
> client. The default varies based on OS and machine specification so it
> makes sense to use an explicit setting to make it clear what JIT was
> used.

Right. Somewhat embarrassingly, this laptop doesn't actually *have*
the server JIT installed. I'm mostly working on the C# code at the
moment, but I'll come back and rerun the test with the server JVM when
I've got a bit more time.

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