On Mar 6, 1:24 pm, Justin  Azoff <justin.az...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mar 6, 1:13 am, Justin  Azoff <justin.az...@gmail.com> wrote:> I did a 
> quick port to python(pasted at the end, hopefully it wont be
> > garbled)
> well, that didn't work.
> I threw it up athttp://bouncybouncy.net/ramblings/files/ProtoBench.py
> if anyone is interested.

Sounds like a good thing to include in svn, if you're happy with the
licensing of it etc. The more languages we can benchmark, the
better :) (I'd be really interested in seeing the C++ results, but
I've no idea how the reflection side of things would work, if at all.
I'm not a C++ person...)

Kenton, who's our most Python-aware committer?


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