I'm currently using protocol buffers to serialize variable-rate real-
time data.  Per requirements I must serialize this data and make it
available every X seconds.  At the end of the day we are required to
have a single file that contains all of the data.

So, after searching this group I discovered a posting that said
something to the effect of combing binary messages and decoding them,
implying I could do what I want: combine binary messages.

Essentially, say I have a collection of protocol buffers on disk:
0.dat, 1.dat, etc.  If I cat them to a single file does this violate
anything in terms of the (de-)serialization process?

This is what I am thinking:

1) Produce collection of binary proto files: 0.dat, 1.dat, ...
2) cat *.dat > fullday.dat
3) decode fullday.dat, using the _same_ existing code that de-
serializes 0.dat, 1.dat, etc.

I have tested this exact scenario on my own and all of my data appears
to be present but I am looking for some sort of confirmation.

FYI, the proto file has structure similar to this (if it matters):

message Collection {
  required string foo;
  repeated MyData;
message MyData {
  float bar;

... where each instance of 0.dat, 1.dat contains a message type of

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