On Jun 24, 8:42 pm, Kenton Varda <ken...@google.com> wrote:
> The end-tag approach is more efficient than your idea -- it's faster (no
> need to count elements at all) and it takes no more space (no need to write
> a count, which makes up for the extra space taken by the end tag).
> But in any case, the encoding is not something we can change at this point,
> since protocol buffers is nothing without backwards-compatibility.

As I read the code of C++ protobuf deserializer I found it supports
end-tag approach using END_GROUP constant -- or I just misunderstood
the code and/or this thread?

>From my experiments it looks like I can stream messages one by one
separating them with END_GROUP tag, but -- again from comments in the
code -- it's deprecated. If "protocol buffers is nothing without
backwards-compatibility", can I assume that existing and future
implementation of C++ and also Java/Python deserializers will support
this approach?

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