I'm delighted to announce that the C# port at 
now works with Mono 2.4. There have been a few oddities along the way:

- I've had to abandon using the NAnt/MSBuild files for building on
Mono at the moment; xbuild isn't really ready yet
- A bug (I believe!) in the Mono 2.4 compiler was worked around - a
really odd situation... see Mono bug 516379
- I've fixed various warnings which only showed up in Mono
- I've had to disable one unit test (with an Ignore attribute) as it
made the Mono VM blow up

Currently there are *very* rudimentary build scripts (that would make
a Makefile look like rocket science) in the "mono" directory. See mono/
readme.txt for more details.

All feedback welcome - I'm hoping to make all this smoother over time.
Next stop is probably Silverlight though...


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