On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 3:12 AM, bart van deenen

> However, when I try to build my application with -L"path/to/
> libprotobuf.a" I get hundreds of linker errors, complaining about
> undefined references to any of the google protocol functions.

You need to use:

  -Lpath/to/lib/dir -lprotobuf

The -L flag adds a directory which will be searched for libraries, whereas
the -l flag says to link against a particular library.  The compiler
automatically prefixes the library name with "lib" and suffixes it with

Note that I test every release on MinGW.  You can use MSYS to invoke the
included configure script and makefiles, to build it just like you would on
any Unix system.

> I'm using the same mingw compiler to build my Qt application, so that
> is not the problem.
> Anyway, I'm still struggling with this stuff, and since no one at my
> company knows anything about C++ on Windows, it's a hassle. So that's
> why I just try to circumvent the problem by just linking the object
> files directly.
> >

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