that's the document I was looking for.  thanks so much!


On Sep 23, 10:23 am, Kenton Varda <> wrote:
> The different accessor functions for C++ protobuf classes are documented in
> detail here:
> Message objects can be large, so you should avoid copying them if possible.
>  Instead, you should use the mutable_() accessor to get a pointer to the
> sub-message early on, and then modify that sub-message directly, rather than
> build a separate object and then copy it.  For example:
> DON'T do this:
>   Foo foo;
>   SetupFoo(&foo);
>   Bar bar;
>   bar.mutable_foo()->CopyFrom(foo);
> Do this instead:
>   Bar bar;
>   SetupFoo(bar.mutable_foo());
> This avoids copying, thus making your code more efficient.  It's also
> shorter.
> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 8:13 AM, <>wrote:
> > I am having trouble accessing many members of my .proto file.  It
> > seems that compound members are not accessible with set_() method
> > calls.  I saw in your example code the use of mutable_() calls. What
> > does this apply to and is there documentation on it? could this be the
> > solution to my problem?
> > Thanks!
> > Jay
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