Great.  I think merging is definitely doable.  The changes are fairly
minor and mostly guarded with #if defined(__BORLANDC__)

I had to move some of the Mutex:: methods in into an earlier
namespace section as the Borland compiler complained about having the
definition in a second namespace section.  This change isn't
#ifdef'd.  I would expect that this change can be made to the original
without upsetting the other compilers.

I also needed to produce a config.h file specifically for the Borland
compiler just as you have in the vsprojects directory for Microsoft VC+
+ in the standard distribution.

Lastly, I have an example Borland project file that has the correct
defines etc. to build Protocol Buffers Lite into a console application
along with an example of using addressbook.proto serialised/
deserialised to a string.  One odd thing is that I have to "force c++
compile" as Borland expects c++ files to be .cpp not .cc.  Of course
the files could be renamed by anyone not wanting to use that compiler

I will post the source and project files to a public URL later today.

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