I use the following prototype :

message Find {
   required uint64 tag = 1;
   required Common.Hash peerID = 2;
   required string pattern = 3;


   Protos::Core::Find findProto;

(findProto.tag() == 9999) is true.

findProto.DebugString() return

  tag: 9999
  peerID {
    hash: "323655354"
  pattern: "coucou"

Great isn't it ?

But now, if I serialize and unserialize the prototype

      std::string output;

      Protos::Core::Find findMessage;

What do I get ?

  tag: 30064781071
  peerID {
    hash: "323655354"
  pattern: "coucou"

Why my tag changed oO ? It's not a random value, and it's works for
small numbers.

I tried to change the type of tag to uint32, int32, etc. always the
same problem.

Thanks for your help,
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