OK, so far I like GPB.  However, I have a very simple question, but
one which I can't find an answer for:

I have created a test Java application that uses ObjectInputStream and
ObjectOutputStream over sockets.  No problems, it works! I use my GPB
class writeTo and parseFrom to send and reconstitute my GPB class
using the ObjectInput and Output Streams....

But: isn't GPB allowing for serialization using bytes?  Are Object I/O
Streams the best streams to use?  Should I be using something else
like Data I/O streams?  E.g. from JavaDocs, "An ObjectOutputStream
writes primitive data types and graphs of Java objects to an
OutputStream" -is there a better, more efficient I/O stream I should
be using?

My concern is that when it comes to attempting to open a socket to a C+
+ app, I assume the correct I/O stream type should be used.

If anyone has a working example of best practice using Data I/O
streams or a recommended stream type, that would be extremely useful
for me (even better if someone has a simple Java to C++ using sockets



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