I'm trying to use PB as a means to send data from a C++ system to a
Java-based ESB with BEEP as the underlying transport.  For now, I'm
using a test Java client to inject messages, just to ensure that the
ESB is both listening and capable of processing the inbound messages.
I've validated that my messages are coming through, which is
wonderful.  However, the extensions aren't working properly - on the
receiving end, the object has the extension set as unknown fields.

Here's the proto file I'm using (test.proto):

package crypto.esb.messaging.gpb;

message BsgRequest {
        extensions 1000 to 5000;

extend BsgRequest {
        optional int32 the_num = 1000;

The sender creates a message like this:
Test.BsgRequest req = Test.BsgRequest.newBuilder().setExtension
(Test.theNum, 5).build();

The receiver processes the inbound message as follows (payload is a
Test.BsgRequest req = Test.BsgRequest.newBuilder().mergeFrom

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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