Hi all,

I have been playing around with protocol buffers for a few days, and
finally able to get a working version under windows using a cygwin

It seems very convenient, ansd now I am thinking of trying to port it
in to a non-posix environment: micro-ITRON.

Where should I start to look at to port protocol buffers? The idea
would be to be able to compile the protobuf's static library for use
with my cross-compiler.
So I would use cygwin for the build, replacing GCC and compiler
directive by my appropriate compiler and directives.

At the moment I am looking at the #ifdef _WIN32 flags in the code and
seeing what changes would be necessary (since I believe that the most
non-posix OS you had to port to is windows).

Could you please teach me what library/headers does protobuf need
which are not part of the C++ STL?
And what should I be careful about? (for example, should I care about
my target's endianness, or can I leave that to protobuf(maybe you
already check for endianness when using the runtime for the first

Of course I am planning to feedback you with any modifications that I
would add to the core code if it is really possible to port it...

Many thanks in advance.

PS: I would just like to port protobuf's static library, I don't think
I would need to embed protoc
from what I understood of its use.
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