I am trying to figure out how to use protobuf for socket communication
between client and server (both in c++).
I notice the serialize and parse method are either using string for a

And in c++ std, I don't think there is a way to create a
ostream/istream via socket.

So I am thinking about serialize it to a std string, get a c string
out of that, and then write the c string to the socket. For the receiving end,
it read to a buf, build a std string, and parse it using protobuf.

So I tried the following:

      MyMessage msg1;

      string msgStr;

      // put the serialized content to a buffer so that I can write it to socket
      char buf[128];
      memset((char *) buf, 0, 128);
      memcpy (buf, msgStr.c_str(), requestMessage.ByteSize());

      // pretend the receiving end get the serialized content from
      // socket and try to reconstruct the message
      MyMessage msg2;
      if (msg2.ParseFromString(string(buf))) {
        cout << "True" << endl;
      } else {
        // alway return false here
        cout << "false" << endl;

But I always get 'false' when I reconstruct the message from a buffer.
Thank you.

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