Hi all,
I am announcing a BSD-licensed javascript protocol buffer implementation, called protojs. The library supports all wire types, as well as packed fields (not autodetection yet), float/double support thanks to jsfromhell.com, and Unicode support.

You can find the github site here:

To install, you need to run ./bootstrap.sh to download and compile antlr, and then run "make" to build the "pbj" compiler and compile the sample javascript code.

Protojs also supports higher level types, such as enums, nested composites, and precise 64-bit integers (using two 32-bit numbers). It also allows extending the built-in types, and has a library called "pbj" which includes other helpful types, such as vectors, quaternions and uuids.

The library is modelled after python's protocol buffers (same function names). It uses getters and setters on browsers that support them (all but IE), and works without getters and setters at the expense of no runtime type checking.

Sadly, javascript currently has no binary datatype. So in place of that the library currently supports serializing/deserializing base64 strings and to arrays of integers.

Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or bugs, or you can fork the project since it's developed in git.


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