Comment #15 on issue 83 by heydunne: protobuf does not compile cleanly in 64-bit mode in Visual Studio 2008

I wonder if there has been any development in this since the last post. We upgraded to 2.3.0 to support vc10 compilation, and these warnings are bothering the build gatekeepers in our team.
I notice that v2.2.0 uses static_cast<int> in both
whereas 2.3.0 does not.
Since the target functions (WriteRaw,WriteRawToArray) will implicitly convert the size_t parameter to int anyways, the solution that seems the easiest to us is to revert to casting those arguments to <int> using static_cast in the calling functions ( as was done in 2.2.0 )
Is there any reason not to do this?
Aidan Dunne.

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