Comment #5 on issue 298 by protobuf jar's manifest should include OSGi metadata

Well, in my project I also use Felix and I believe I got an error with "2.4.2-pre".

I saw that recommendation in the book called OSGi in Action. Also at I can see:

"public Version(java.lang.String version)

Created a version identifier from the specified string.
Here is the grammar for version strings.

 version ::= major('.'minor('.'micro('.'qualifier)?)?)?
 major ::= digit+
 minor ::= digit+
 micro ::= digit+
 qualifier ::= (alpha|digit|'_'|'-')+
 digit ::= [0..9]
 alpha ::= [a..zA..Z]

There must be no whitespace in version."

So, I guess "2.4.2.-pre" would qualify as well. But IMHO it looks strange. :)

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