Hey All;

Regression testing framework based on protobuf serialization format.

What does the framework need to achieve?

1.     Record testing cases and save them as protobuf in file.

2.     Read testing cases from file by protobuf format.

3.     Run testing cases, save the result in file by protobuf format, when all 
cases running over, then compare all the results with the expected ones which 
are also saved in file as protobuf format.


To achieve the above goals, I have the following questions.

1.     Is protobuf comparable? On file it saves in binary format, how to 
compare? Since we need to show the differences to developer?

2.     If we append all testing cases in one file, how to recover it?

3.     …


The background is that my project uses XML as data serialization before, but 
now we replace it by protobuf, of course the testing framework should also 
change, but if change to protobuf, seems many tough problems need to fix. 

Possibly google has perfect solutions for the above issues, anybody who has the 
idea please attend and discuss, thanks all your help in advance.

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