I am using **protobuf** now for some weeks, but I still keep getting
exceptions when parsing protobuf messages in **Java**.

I use **C++** to create my protobuf messages and send them with
**boost sockets** to a server socket where the Java client ist
listening. The C++ code for transmitting the message is  this:

        boost::asio::streambuf b;
        std::ostream os(&b);

        ZeroCopyOutputStream *raw_output = new OstreamOutputStream(&os);
        CodedOutputStream *coded_output = new CodedOutputStream(raw_output);


        delete coded_output;
        delete raw_output;

        boost::system::error_code ignored_error;

        boost::asio::async_write(socket, b.data(), boost::bind(
                        &MessageService::handle_write, this,

As you can see I write with `WriteVarint32` the length of the message,
thus the Java side should know by using `parseDelimitedFrom` how far
it should read:

    AgentMessage agentMessage = AgentMessageProtos.AgentMessage

But it's no help, I keep getting these kind of Exceptions:

    Protocol message contained an invalid tag (zero).
    Message missing required fields: ...

It is **important** to know, that these exceptions are not thrown on
every message. This is only a fraction of the messages I receive the
most work out just fine - still I would like to fix this since I do
not want to omit the messages.

I would be really gratful if someone could help me out or spent his

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