I am now investigating a bug in my program under debugger (VS2008
IDE). I see that some my messages have unknown fields set. I don't use
any executable compiled with old proto files, whenever I change my
proto file I rebuild entire project with new pp.h and pb.cc sources.
Even more, I have reverted my recent changes in proto and now I have
it exactly the same as it was when project was built very first time
(I mean there is no chance that executable compiled with a different
proto exists anywhere). Still I am getting those unknown fields - I
see under debugger that message destructor iterates over unknown field
set and deletes them one by one. The value of fileds is a string that
I do set in my program and 'numbers' (if I guess correctly they are
field's tags) are 5 and 7 - tags that always existed in my proto from
very first time it was compiled...

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