i am using protocol buffers to comunicate between two programs,
one in c# and the other in c++.

it is working well. 

i have a generic question with the c# (and i think the java) api:
how do you create a different message from an existing one
but changin only one field?

say that i have

message foo {
 ..message baz {
....int32 f1 = 1;

..required baz c1;
..required int32 f2;

and i have a message in java Foo msg;
how do i create a new message identical to 
msg but with f1 different ?

in my code i have to write a lot of code
and that code is fragile because i have to 
.Merge mostly field by field everything and if i 
change the structure of the message adding one
field i have to change my code.

there is another way to do it ?


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