Comment #1 on issue 373 by Tests hang/crash/don't pass without RTTI

In fact, tests didn't even compile:

google/protobuf/ error: "dynamic_cast" not permitted with -fno-rtti

I made the following change to fix compile error:

--- a/src/google/protobuf/
+++ b/src/google/protobuf/
@@ -615,7 +615,8 @@ TEST(ExtensionSetTest, DynamicExtensions) {
     const Message& sub_message =
         message.GetReflection()->GetMessage(message, message_extension);
     const unittest::ForeignMessage* typed_sub_message =
-        dynamic_cast<const unittest::ForeignMessage*>(&sub_message);
+        ::google::protobuf::internal::dynamic_cast_if_available
+        <const unittest::ForeignMessage*>(&sub_message);
     ASSERT_TRUE(typed_sub_message != NULL);
     EXPECT_EQ(456, typed_sub_message->c());

Is GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_NO_RTTI supported at all?

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