In the code below, I've found that the returned Descriptor* is NULL after I 
call FindMessageTypeByName(), *unless* I first call FindFileByName() on the 
.proto which contains the Message I am looking for.

Is this a bug? Is there another way to do this? I would really like to be 
able to setup a SourceTreeDescriptorDatabase to a directory that contains 
all of the .proto files I plan to use and not have to search for each file 

Any advice is much appreciated.


string sProtoRoot("/home/dan/tests/new-protobuf/protos");

DiskSourceTree dst;
dst.MapPath("", sProtoRoot);

SourceTreeDescriptorDatabase stdb(&dst);

DescriptorPool dp(&stdb);
const FileDescriptor* pfd = dp.FindFileByName("TestMessage.proto");
const Descriptor* pd = dp.FindMessageTypeByName("Test.TestMessage");

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