On 8/8/2012 4:51 PM, Chris Morris wrote:
> I want to keep STL debugging *for the rest of my project*. This leads me to 
> consider compiling the protocol buffers project without STL debugging info.
> What are the implications of this?

Unless you are *very* careful, this is going to lead to

The basic problem is that you will have two versions of
the C++ runtime library loaded, so there will be two
copies of "new" and two copies of "delete".

If you get a pointer back from "debug new", you need to
make sure it passed to "debug delete", or you're going
to end up with extreme pain.

That problem is hard to overcome, but not impossible.

There are some problems that might not be solvable though:
if the runtime libraries (that contain new and delete)
have designs where they "want to be first or last" in
a program's startup or shutdown, there's no way to make
everyone happy.  If both the debug and the release versions
want to be "first", they can't both be happy.

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