Hello guys,

I'm new to protobuf, here is my situation: for compatibility with old projects 
I have to do protobuf <-> XML two-way conversion with protobuf-java-format 
package. The package can merge XML to protobuf and print protobuf to 
XML/String, just what I need, just one problem: we use UTF-8 for all string 
fields, and after protobuf to XML conversion, values of these fields get 
escaped to some unreadable octal groups, e.g. \201\356\227, stuffs like that. I 
googled a little bit and this seems to be by design hehavior of 
protobuf-java-format package, but I have no idea how do I get original values 
back. Is there any alternative packages I can use, or any specific 
solution/suggestion how to decode that octal groups?


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