I'm trying to figure out how to initialize a protocol buffer that has 
another message nested inside of it.  Below is the proto code and the 
SetExtension() Declarations.

message Base {
    extensions 100 to max;

message ExtMsg1 {
    optional bool p1 = 1;

message ExtMsg2 {
    required int32 p1 = 1;

extend Base {
    optional ExtMsg1 extmsg1 = 100;
    optional ExtMsg2 extmsg2 = 101;

        public TBuilder 
SetExtension<TExtension>(GeneratedExtensionLite<TMessage, TExtension> 
extension, TExtension value);
        public TBuilder 
IList<TExtension>> extension, int index, TExtension value);

I'm a new to C# and am still learning the syntax.  Does anyone know the 
proper syntax for creating a Base message with a nested message? 


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