I'm using protobuf 2.5.

Looking at the generated code of my messages and the documentation, I don't 
see a function that 
would be generated and would know how to check all fields, both required 
and optional, see
if they are all set (check the has_ members).

If such function already exists, could you point me to it please? I might 
have missed something.

To explain my context:
I have messages being basically "state" message of different objects, which 
provide full or partial state of an object.
These messages are used in other messages that might send partial update or 
full update/creation of an object.
Now, in some cases, I expect full updates, which means optional fields MUST 
be set when I receive the message (typically when I receive a message 
saying an object have been created on the server).
I want to add an assertion that the message is complete, but as said I 
can't find a way to do this.
Using only required fields would be expensive and duplicate code (though 
I'm consider doing that - I don't know if networking will be a bottleneck 
The IsInitialized() function is obviously not enough in my case.

Thanks for your time.

Joel Lamotte

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