I have protobuf having 10-12 (key,value) pairs. I want to convert that 
protobuf into string.

eg            event 
         (EVENTID, "1234"),
         (RECORDID, "54321"),
                         (THREADID, "4131"),
         (PROCID, "424"),
                         (COMPUTER, "ComputerXYZ"),
                   (MESSAGE, "Test Message"),
              (INFO_TASK, "Logoff")

expected output (string):

EVENTID="1234" PROCID="424" RECORDID="54321" 
EVENTID="1234" PROCID="424" USER="test_admin" COMPUTER="ComputerXYZ" 
MESSAGE="Test Message"
any key=value pairs in specific order.

Is there any way I can input a spec file which defines order of key,value 
pairs I want to construct in string? 
How would be the sample spec file?


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