I've been trying to debug this error for a few hours now and I'm not making 
much progress. I have a project that has Protocol buffers living in 
separate subdirectories of the main project directory and I am using CMake 
2.8 for compilation. Since CMake has protobuf support, I am using the 
follow lines in each subdirectory with .proto files to generate my output 

file(GLOB ProtoFiles "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/*.proto")
PROTOBUF_GENERATE_CPP(ProtoSources ProtoHeaders ${ProtoFiles})

Here's the problem: I have a protobuf, Simulation, that lives in the base/ 
subdirectory that has enabled extensions. In another subdirectory, called 
optical_designs/, I have the following .proto file:

import "base/simulation_config.proto";

message Triarm9Parameters {

extend mats.Simulation {
  optional Triarm9Parameters triarm9_params = 1000;

The protoc compiler is happy with this, since I used the --proto_path to 
set up the import path. However, when I go to compile, I get this error. 
Basically, it is adding the "base_2f" into the function name because of the 
"base/" in my import. Any ideas on how to fix this behavior?

/.../build/optical_designs/triarm9_parameters.pb.cc:78:11: error: 
      no member named 'protobuf_AddDesc_base_2fsimulation_5fconfig_2eproto' 
      namespace 'mats'; did you mean
/.../build/base/simulation_config.pb.h:420:16: note: 
      'protobuf_AddDesc_simulation_5fconfig_2eproto' declared here
  friend void  protobuf_AddDesc_simulation_5fconfig_2eproto();


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