Hi there!

We've just released an open source library for inspecting and building 
protocol buffers to be used in Cucumber scenarios.  

Check it out here:


We think this would be a great addition to the Third-Party Add-Ons wiki 

Our company, Connamara Systems, is positioned in the Financial Technology 
space to deliver made-to-measure software using agile and test driven 
development methodologies.  A lot of that software depends on protocol 
buffers, and we make heavy use of Cucumber for our acceptance testing. 
 protobuf_spec leverages ruby-protobuf 
(https://github.com/macks/ruby-protobuf) the very nifty json_spec 
(https://github.com/collectiveidea/json_spec) library for exploring 
protocol buffers with an easy to use path syntax.  The library has been 
hardened by many development cycles that are now in production.

If you use BDD and protocol buffers, protobuf_spec could be for you.   
Contributions are encouraged!

Chris Busbey

Connamara Systems, llc

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