Comment #1 on issue 556 by Unable to cross-compile for i686-w64-mingw32 with Cygwin


Nick is cross compiling on Cygwin for mingw. The problem is that the build calls the just built protoc, this is taboo in cross compile mode. From what I understand protoc is also a tool that is installed. What needs to be done is the following:

1. If cross compiling, ensure user has already a native version installed. Do this by: 2. Add AC_CHECK_PROG to to find whatever build time required tools, abort if it is not found when $build != $host. 4. Optionally, check the version of installed protoc and other tools when cross compiling, abort as necessary. 3. Set PROTOC variable to the path of installed and working protoc/tools if in cross compile mode, else use the usual just-built "$oldpwd/protoc". Do this for other tools as well.
4. Modify as necessary to call through the new variables.

Changes in documentation:
1. Require user to already have an installed version if cross compiling.
2. Optionally require user to have the same version when cross compiling.

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