I've successfully compiled protoc in order to generate Java sources from a 
.proto file. (In this case 

We're using this in a Maven project. My wish is to have Maven compile the 
Java source from the .proto files automatically; and not have the compiled 
sources checked in into Git.
I've configured Maven to automatically execute protoc with the desired 
parameters to generate the sources for me; all is going well.  I even 
configured Maven to use the Windows executable when on a Windows platform.

But the Linux version is not portable. When compiling the protoc-executable 
it hard-codes some absolute paths. This means that I cannot ship the 
executable with the project, for other programmers working on the same 
project don't have the same folder-tree as I do; and I don't want to force 
them to either.

Does anyone know of a way to have a portable solution to generate the code 
on the fly, without having every contributor on the project having to 
download/configure/compile protoc?

Kind Regards,
Matthias Hogerheijde

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