I am new to GPB and a bit new to ruby, but the project I am working on 
requires ruby.

I have successful installed the protocol_buffer gem and successfully 
generated a test file with 10 GPB messages in it. I have verified with a 
hex editor that all 10 messages are in the file.

Now I want to read the messages back in and process them. Regardless of how 
I try to read the message file, I always only get the last message. I have 
tried several different ways and I am stuck.

Here is the last snippet and yes I know it's a infinite loop, but at this 
point it doesn't matter. I still only get the last message.

Could someone point me to a example of how to read the messages 1 at time 
until there are no more messages?  if not in ruby, then in python.


require 'protobuf/message/message'
require 'protobuf/message/enum'
require 'protobuf/message/service'
require 'protobuf/message/extend'

module Test
  class Interface < ::Protobuf::Message
    defined_in __FILE__
    required :string, :name, 1
  class System < ::Protobuf::Message
    defined_in __FILE__
    required :string, :name, 1
  class Rec < ::Protobuf::Message
    defined_in __FILE__
    optional :uint32, :timestamp, 1
    optional :System, :system, 2
    repeated :Interface, :interface, 3

jrec = Test::Rec.new
counter = 1
file = File.open("testdata", "r")
while (jrec.parse_from_file(file))
   puts "#{jrec.system.name}: #{counter}"
   counter = counter + 1

When I do a jrec.display it also only shows the last message from the file.

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