I have and am using PB with Qt and Qt Creator, on MS Win 7 64 bit

This works ... 32 bit Qt 4.8, MSVS 2008, PB 2.5
Porting to  .... 64 bit Qt 5.2.2 MSVS 2012 PB 2.5

It is unclear from above, did you build PB from scratch on your machine? 
Can you run a simple PB only test test case?

Once you have the PB library, I am assuming you are using the Qt binaries 
as supplied? 

Did the above linkage work, did you get an executable?

If yes then once you move into the Qt debug or release di you should see a 
.exe file. This will not likely run from a "command" or "bash" shell as 
oodles of dll are missing. (Qt creator puts them in it's path which is why 
that works) To figure out which dlls are missing run "depends" 
(http://www.dependencywalker.com/), read it's doc first some dlls are 
expected to be missing.

That should get you going.


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